Jake Shimabukuro Concert

今月3月27日にBeautif CNMIとホテル協会主催でジェイクシマブクロさんのコンサートが開催されます。

Hafa Adai!

The tickets for the March 27 Beautify CNMI/HANMI fund raiser featuring ukulele master Jake Shimabukuro and the Olomwaay Band were printed on Thursday night. I picked them up at about 5 PM. By noon the next day we had sold out the VIP tickets!

There is a possibility that some of the VIP tickets will be returned, so if you would like to be first on the waiting list, email me or call me on the PTI sponsored Beautify CNMI line ASAP. If tickets are not returned, the only other way to get a VIP ticket is to be a corporate sponsor for $500...and there are only a limited number of slots available. Corporate sponsors will get mentions in the media, in our advertising, and during the event. The sponsor can also hang their banner at the event. Oh yeah, sponsors get two VIP tickets...with the possibility to sit on the stage as Jake plays.

Regular adult tickets ($25) and tickets for children under 12 ($15) are still available at Century Hotel, Saipan Tribune, and Marianas Eye Institute. Please get your tickets as soon as possible. Century Hotel has already sold their first batch of tickets (by Saturday morning!). I have a feeling that this show will sell out, so please get your tickets now (It is not a big venue, so we can only fit so many people in).

Tickets are now on sale at the Century Hotel, Saipan Tribune, and Marianas Eye Institute. Please help Beautify CNMI! and HANMI!

今年になってからボランティアにいく時間がなかなかないのですが、ISA CNMIは今年もBeautify CNMIと活動を共に行なっていきます。

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