Beautify CNMI...the first five months

Beautify CNMIのキャンペーンが始まった頃です。 こうやって、ここに住む人達の意識改革が少しづつ高まりました。 ISA CNMIも積極的に協力しています。  みんなで北マリアナの自然を守っていきたいですね。

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Can you help get Japanese websites to join www.welovesaipan.com? We want people to add the "We Love Saipan" button and then link to our site. Then there is a way to add your website to the list of websites on We Love Saipan.

Also, it would be possible to add Japanese characters to the main page...it would look like my profile, but it would be in Japanese. Two languages on one page are OK.

See you tonight,